Hi! Thanks for your interest in my wedding video services! Here is the big (and probably redundant) FAQ explaining how this whole process typically goes.


How do you pick the music for the video?

There is no good answer to this because it's mostly an intuitive process for me! First, I ask for your input- genre, specific songs, sounds like ___, etc. Then, taking that into consideration + understanding the vibe and emotion and meaning of the day overall, I fall into a DEEP Spotify hole. Eventually I resurface with a bunch of options for you (amount depending on video length). I send them all in an email and ask if you hate/ love any of them, making sure you approve before getting into the edit!

I rarely have issues with the music's legal use, but if I do, I will cover any extraneous costs. 

does the content differ between video lengths?

For the most part, no. The important stuff will always be included (first looks, vows, "you may now kiss your bride", first dance, cake cutting, etc.) But of course I am able to include more content in longer videos! They're all generally are separated into thirds, regardless of length. 1/3 is spent on everything before the ceremony- preparation, getting dressed, first look, detail shots, etc. 1/3 is spent on the ceremony. And the last third is spent on the reception. (Assuming I am scheduled to be there for the whole day!) 

I almost always include audio of the vows during the ceremony, but that tends to be the only day-of audio that I use. I can use audio from any other moment if you request it! The longer the video is, the more time I can dedicate to whatever you want me to prioritize! Ex- your maid of honor's speech, a specific reading from the ceremony, or any other moment that meant a lot to you. The more input you give me, the more challenging and fun it is on my end!

What do you need from me before the wedding?

Honestly, very little. I will have very little influence on your wedding day because you shouldn't have to worry about me! I know you're drowning in prep/ day-of details already. In your contract, you will give me all of your contact info, the addresses of all day-of locations (prep, ceremony, and reception sites), and what time I should get there/ leave. That's pretty much all I need! I will request a timeline 1 week out form your wedding if you don't provide one before then. I follow the photographers/ planner's schedule and collect video behind-the-scenes style. You'll barely even notice I'm there (: 

what else is included with the edited video?

You're going to get a 16 GB USB drive that includes:

  • A full video of your ceremony with clean audio (collected from a small lapel mic on the groom or officiant). This is usually one, unedited shot from my second camera on a tripod. 
  • Full, unedited videos of the speeches during the reception.
  • Any other clips that you request! (if you don't request any, I'll usually toss in some dancing clips, the first look, any cute/ funny moments form the day)

How do you pronounce your last name? 


like putting a W sound in front of "art"


If I didn't answer your question, please let me know below! Or call me at 404-432-5525. 

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