She's a brooklyn gal now!

Although I spent most my life in Atlanta, GA, I packed up my cameras, my cats, and everything else and moved to Brooklyn, NY in June 2019! New York has has felt inevitable to me since I was young, a logical place to land after college. So, here I am! Shooting weddings and working in film and tv post-production. I still pinch myself from time to time :)

I graduated from UGA in December 2017 with a BAJ in Entertainment and Media Studies- basically I made short films with my friends for two years. It was amazing. There, I developed my camera and editing skills and set my heart on creating meaningful art. For the past 4 years, that has meant wedding videos. And while they will always hold an incredibly special place in my heart, I have chosen to refocus my time and energy on my career in Film and TV. I will be completing the remaining weddings that I have booked through 2020, of course, and love every second of it!

Thank you to all of the wonderful couples who have changed my life in the past 4 years. What an incredibly unique opportunity I had to capture love over and over again. I will always be grateful!

My Wedding Video Philosophy: I don't care for the glamorous, polished, Hollywood-esque short wedding films. Those big-budget, multiple crew-membered, stage-lit videos that blow half of your wedding budget are not the tea for me. I prefer to take a more "home-video" approach, making it a warm, personal, and nuanced story that's going to make you cry on every benchmark anniversary for the rest of your life. My shots are mostly handheld (on a monopod) and creatively composed. I trust my artistic intuition to craft interesting, engaging shots that frame every detail delightfully (and differently from your photographer ;). I could go on and on about my style, but you can probably learn more by watching my videos! Thanks for reading!