She's an Atlanta gal… for now!

In March of 2018, I moved to the Virginia-Highland area with my sister and our two cats! So I'm out here, making wedding videos, doing admin stuff at Indigo Studios, and freelancing web and graphic design stuff as much as I can. 

I graduated from UGA in December 2017 with a major in Entertainment and Media Studies- basically I made short films with my friends for two years. It was amazing. That's when I decided to make my photo/ video hobby into a fun job! Although my dreams and aspirations change weekly, I've consistently wanted to work on music videos or travel documentary stuff in the future. I'm obsessed with the digital video realm. So vast, so accessible, so exciting! 

I've been doing wedding videos since 2015 when a friend asked me to do her a favor. The best favor I've ever said yes to! So it all just snowballed from there. I have booked many dates for 2019, so please inquire if you are interested! 

Come Summer 2019, I will be living and working between Brooklyn and Atlanta! So I’m currently expanding to the New York wedding market while still booking in Atlanta, business as usual. Please inquire, regardless of location! I will not charge you for travel (except hotel outside of ATL/ NYC).

My Wedding Video Philosophy: I don't care for the glamorous, polished, Hollywood-esque short wedding films. Those big-budget, multiple crew membered, stage-lit videos that blow half of your wedding budget are not the tea for me. I prefer to take a more "home-video" approach, making it a warm, personal, and nuanced story that's going to make you cry on every benchmark anniversary for the rest of your life. Consider me the “Indie Wedding Videographer”. My shots are mostly handheld (on a shoulder rig or monopod) and creatively composed. I trust my artistic intuition to craft interesting, engaging shots that frame every detail delightfully (and differently from your photographer ;). I could go on and on about my style, but you can probably learn more by watching my videos!