Athens, GA

Rachel is a graduate of the University of Georgia with a B.A.J. in Entertainment and Media Studies, focusing on cinematography and editing. Throughout her time in Grady College of Journalism, she has worked on 5 student films and a plethora of freelance projects, giving her hands-on experience on set and behind a camera. 

For a year and a half, Rachel was a part of the UGA campus organization The Chapel Bell, where she was the Head of the Video Team for a year and managed a team of 5 members to publish at least two videos per week. This is where the bulk of her video-making practice happened- she was constantly shooting or editing a new video to be shared on The Chapel Bell's social media. Managing a team taught her countless lessons about leadership, delegation, organization, and self-discipline, as well as how to collaborate on creative projects and motivate her team members. 


screen grabs (of questionable quality- oops!) from the student film Hey Mister. I was the Cinematographer and Colorist over the course of spring 2017. I can't link to the film quite yet as we are still submitting to festivals!

Aside from her nannying job of two years and her various freelance video and graphic design projects, Rachel has put a lot of time and energy into ensuring a profitable future based off of her creative skills and passions. In 2016, the opportunity to establish a wedding videography business presented itself through a friend, so Rachel bursted into the creative industry, guns blazing. Since then, she has singlehandedly completed 5 wedding videos (with 2 booked for the fall) with raving reviews. Combining her background in artistic photography with her practical skills in film production, Rachel has managed to create beautiful videos for her wonderful clients, treasuring a kind and fruitful relationship with them. 

For the past few months and continuing in to the fall, Rachel has been an intern for local Athens artist Jamie Calkin- she manages his various social media platforms daily, creates videos, photos, and graphics, and updates his website with higher quality images, posts new pieces for sale, etc. She is his Business Intern, so she essentially pushes marketing strategies online and at events to further his business while learning how to run a freelance business. She loves this job. It's really fun and Jamie is really cool. 


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